Fishing May 21st.

When you're on one of the Wolf Packs' boats on a morning like feels like you're about to open a great big present!

Road America Tailgate Party w/ the Pack May 20th

On dry land, one of Wolf Pack's specialties is "teaching". The Pack started because generations of Kalmertons handed down valuable lessons to their younger generations. Here a Pack member teaches a "pup" how to use a spin-cast rod and reel.

Fishing May 20th... 6 in the box!

"It's all worth it.... isn't it? Sun's up.... lines down...and the anticipation is brewing all around." -- Wolf Pack morning.

"Ride on a Charter Boat!" / May 16

Wolf Pack joins in the fun with a "Ride on a Charter Boat" event! It was an open invitation for friends and families to come and take an enjoyable short ride onboard one of the best fleets in Wisconsin! This is one of the core values of the Wolf Pack -- fun!

An ERIE May!

Wolf Pack on their own outing in Oak Harbor, Lake Erie. ! Roy taking the boys fishing is how it all started.... and it continues!

April Fishing

These two beauties were landed onboard Wolf Pack's Addiction -- a 24' Thompson... the smile says it all! Grill anyone?

Feb. Fishing

Feb. Fishing

Feb. pictures 1

We have had some excellent fishing so far this Feb including being part of some well run fishing tournaments.