We are the “Wolf Pack,” a father and sons adventure service. Actually, we’re Roy, Jerrad and Pat Kalmerton, who, along with wife/mom Cindy (the alpha wolf of this pack) spent the majority of family time recreating in the outdoors. Starting an outdoor adventure business was certainly not the original plan, but in 2003 changes in life circumstances met with intervening fate and we became known as the “Wolf Pack.”

Roy began his career in 1967 with the State of Wisconsin working in the division of game management. Several years later he transferred into the field of conservation law enforcement and eventually transferred back to Sheboygan County. In addition to enforcing hunting, fishing and boating laws, a majority of his time was spent instructing youth in outdoor safety programs and teaching adults and youth alike how to more fully appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. With authority over enforcement of the Sheboygan County natural resources, it was inevitable he became very familiar with each body of water.

Through the years as the boys grew, each fishing trip became more adventurous and offered new and more challenging methods of catching fish. We fished throughout the Midwest and Canada at every opportunity becoming very familiar with each species in any given lake. But our true love was fishing Lake Michigan. Living near the lake was indeed fortunate and led to many, many summer hours fishing from the “Sweetwater,” our first Lake Michigan boat.

Spending the majority of their summers on the lake or at the docks, it wasn’t unexpected that both Jerrad and Pat became first mates on a local charter boat by the age of 13. Jerrad worked full-time each summer on the lake – and when he was through fishing for work, he went fishing for fun! Even after high school he worked summers on the boats. He decided to get his captain’s license and worked seven more years as a captain on the area’s largest boats and top-ranked charter fleet. He had one dream: to have an outdoor job that doesn’t end when summer ends.

Pat followed in the footsteps of his older brother, working full time each summer on the lake. He held various part-time jobs through high school but they could never compete with his true love – fishing. After high school he was employed as a GPS Technician, traveling throughout the United States mapping land contours through use of Global Positioning Systems. But still, nothing is quite like fishin' – and mom had to convince him every summer that fishing was a hobby; don’t quit your job. But Pat’s dream was to fish. Didn’t matter where, when or how. Just fish. Just water, boats, fish and meeting new people every day.

This is where fate intervenes. In the spring of 2003, Roy decided to retire from the DNR which enabled him to spend more time doing the things he enjoys. At about that same time, the owners of the charter service the boys mated and captained for decided to sell their business and relocate. We were sorry to hear that news. But then, within a month of that, the company that Pat worked for downsized and he found himself unemployed. Everything had aligned and the next step seemed obvious.

To make a long story short, “Wolf Pack” came to be and, as they say, the rest is history.