Turkey Hunting Gear Tip

It's that time of year again. Turkey hunting! As I'm preparing my gear, I'm reminded of a handy item that hunters may overlook. Frabill shelter lights (model #1610) are perfect in the turkey blind!

I always have mine handy for early-morning set-up. It velcros snug to the frame of my blind and I can pivot the light pod in any direction so I'm able to get my equipment in order without fumbling around in darkness.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gobbler Hunt

There are five species of wild turkey targeted throughout the United States, and many hunters will tell you that turkey hunting adventures are some of the most heart-pumping, breathtaking moments in their memory banks. Where I live in Wisconsin, turkey hunting is an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to get back to what they live for after being cooped up all winter. Beyond that, the unique sights and sounds of watching the world come alive are never more evident that in the spring - get out there!